First of all, you should determine the usage area and purpose. Take, for example, a sun lounger to be used on the beach. It is exposed to intense and harsh usage. Seawater and sun create an aggressive corrosive environment. The plastic sunbed to be used in such an environment will provide a much greater advantage in terms of both cost and life.

Plastic Garden Furniture: Produced with plastic raw materials with special resins resistant to external factors such as wind, sun and rain, plastic garden furniture is a type of durable outdoor furniture that is maintenance-free, non-rusting, waterproof and can therefore be left outside throughout the year. It is also very economical compared to other types of garden furniture. When you want to buy Plastic Garden Furniture, the most important issue you should pay attention to will be to buy products from a known and reliable brand. Because many producers in the sector produce with recycled raw materials called crushed or 2nd quality in order to obtain economical products. Yücel Garden Furniture is one of the most important players of our country with its awareness and reliability in this field. Yücel Garden Furniture, which is very strong in both domestic market and export, is the address of trust.

Metal Garden Furniture: All kinds of garden furniture made of metal are classified in this group. Metal Garden Furniture is very durable and long-lasting. However, steel starts to rust in the external environment as it is known. If the metal furniture you bought has been coated with galvanized, zinc, or catophoresis before painting and then electrostatic powder or wet paint is applied, the outdoor resistance will be quite high. It will provide resistance in the external environment in chemical coatings other than the coating types we have mentioned, but sharp corners on the metal, grit surfaces, suspension points where the product is necessarily hung with a hook during the process and the bottom points where the paint called faraday cage cannot reach, rust flows and paint blisters after a certain period of time. spills will begin to be seen.

Aluminum Garden Furniture: All kinds of garden furniture produced from aluminum are classified in this group. Aluminum Garden Furniture does not rust in outdoor use, but it is not suitable for naked use. There are 2 types of coatings commonly used in aluminum. The first one is the most durable and long-lasting one is anodized coating and the other is the electrostatic powder paint application to be applied on the surface with chemical surface treatment.