We expect the cushions to be used in Garden Furniture to be as durable and quality as the furniture itself. Fabric types that can provide strength in the outdoor environment are polyester, olefin or acrylic. All these fabric types can be given water repellency or water repellency. However, acrylic fabric is the most durable of these 3 types. Make sure that the type of fabric used in your garden furniture is 100% acrylic. The second is olefin. Olefin is sold in the sector as an acrylic fabric, but it is not actually an acrylic fabric. Nevertheless, it provides more strength than polyester fabric. Your last choice should be 100% polyester. It differs in itself in polyester fabric. The best are polyester fabrics, which are called yarn dyed, dyed and knitted with dyed yarn. Another type of polyester fabric is printed. After knitting from raw yarn, paint is made by printing method in dyehouses. Most of the printed fabrics do not resist sunlight and fade when exposed to direct sunlight in a maximum of 2 seasons.

Another factor that is as important as the fabric used in the cushion is the sponge used in the cushion. If you are purchasing a garden seating set or a garden corner seating group, make sure that the density of the foam used in the cushion is not less than 22D (density) and 6 cm. In addition, the fact that the sponge is covered with fiber before it is put into the cover will provide great convenience in terms of use as it will prevent both quality, texture and fabric from slipping or wrinkling on the sponge.